Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Starbucks mocks town hall protests in new ad

I just saw a new commercial from Starbucks. What were they thinking?!?! Why would they insult the 50%+ of Americans who do not support Obama and the Democrats' overhaul of health care? The people who attend these town hall meetings? The people who support the town hall meetings but wasn't able to attend one? What idiot thought that this was was a brilliant idea?

Here is the email I just sent them. Short, sweet, and to the point.

"I watched your new commercial and am disgusting. Why would you mock everyone who are attending town hall meetings and expressing their concerns? What does that have to do with selling coffee? Absolutely nothing. You have just lost any future business from me and my family."

If you are fed up with the mocking of town hall protestors like I am, send Starbucks an email at the site below.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Obama calls Kanye West a "jack***"

I'm sure by now you've all heard about Kanye West ("George Bush doesn't like black people") interupting Taylor Swift (country music singer) during her acceptance speech at the VMA's to say that Beyonce should have won. Tonight, Terry Moran of ABC tweeted "Pres. Obama just called Kanye West a 'jack***' for his outburst at VMAs when Taylor Swift won. Now THAT'S presidential." I edited the word for my blog, but Moran didn't. Wow, I finally agree with Obama on something. Kanye was a HUGE jerk who stole a wonderful moment from a 19 year old girl on national tv. Luckily he was booed every time his name was mentioned for the remainder of the award show.

BUT...Moran was right about something. Even though Obama was right, how professional is it for the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES to call a rapper a jack***?? Aren't there more pertinent issues he could be commenting on? Shouldn't he watch his language since many young people (and his daughters) look up to him? But thank you, Obama, for stating the obvious. (insert rolling eyes smiley here) And another thing, Kanye was also a jerk when he said "George Bush doesn't like black people" during a Katrina fundraiser.

I APPLAUD Beyonce for trying to make up for the humiliation by calling Taylor back to the stage to give her acceptance speech when Beyonce won an award.

Kanye, shame on you!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obama Care (now doesn't that make you feel warm and fuzzy?)

I'm going to keep this post about Obama Care short.

If the proposed health care plan is so great then everyone in Congress who supports it and Obama need to come out and publically say that they will be first to sign up for it and for their families. But we all know they won't. Why? BECAUSE THE PLAN IS NO GOOD!!! They don't want themselves or their loved ones subjected to Obama Care and neither do we.

To those in Congress who support it...you have the majority in Congress, OWN THIS BILL!! Quit trying to blame this on the Republicans. This is all on you.

To those in Congress who do not support the bill...stand up, tell us why you don't support it, come up with better ideas, and DON'T BE PANSIES!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sarah Palin...??

Yesterday was Gov. Palin's last day as Governor of Alaska. She will be writing a book and will be speaking on the behalf of conservatives. There is speculation that she may run for President in 2012. One of her problems during the election last year was that she wasn't knowledgable enough on issues, especially foreign policy. If she does run in 2012, how will writing a book help her strengthen her weaknesses?

How do I feel about her stepping down in the middle of her term? If she stepped down to get her family out of the spotlight and stop the assault on them, then great. Her family had to endure so much, including a rape "joke" from David Letterman about their 14 year old daughter. If she is stepping down to gear up for a Presidential run in 2012 then shame on her. She should not have quit her job, that she was elected to do, in the middle of her term. I can already see the ads that would, and should, be ran against her if she runs for President. "If she quit in the middle of her term as Governor, why should we think that she won't do the same thing if she is President?"

She said she is lame duck because she was in the last year of her term. So should all politicians quit their jobs during their last year because they think they are lame ducks? Come on, say it with me. You know you want to. NO!!!! You can still do good during your last year in office.

I like where Palin stands on the issues. I would have liked to see her run for President, but not in 2012. She needs more experience, maybe a term in the Senate. She is a strong conservative that the Republican Party needs.

What we don't need is a quitter. She quit her job. I will never vote for her now. I hope her reason for quitting is to go home and be a good wife, mother, and grandmother for her family (I am not saying that she wasn't before). Hopefully it will make the attacks on her family stop. That is the only reason for quitting that I will respect.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Huckabee Tops Washington Post 2012 Poll

27. (ASKED OF REPUBLICANS AND GOP-LEANING INDEPENDENTS) If the 2012 Republican presidential primary or caucus in your state were being held today, and the candidates were (READ LIST) for whom would you vote?

Mike Huckabee 26
Mitt Romney 21
Sarah Palin 19
Newt Gingrich 10
Tim Pawlenty 4
Jeb Bush 3
Haley Barbour 1
Bobby Jindal (vol.) 2
Charlie Crist (vol.) *
Other (vol.) 2
None of these (vol.) 5
Would not vote (vol.) 1
No opinion 6


Once again, Huckabee, Romney, and Palin are at the top of another 2012 poll. Will our next Republican nominee be one of them or will it be a lesser known politician, either from the list or someone else?

Who is the Leader of the Republican Party According to Rush?

Rush Limbaugh was on Greta Van Susteren Friday night. She asked him who was the leader of the Republican Party. He said that it's too early to tell, but talked about the top 3 candidates in the polls.

Rush said that the liberal media isn't afraid of Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney, but are afraid of Sarah Palin. I think that the liberal media doesn't attack Huckabee because he is friendly to them. When he speaks he gives reasons why he disagrees with liberals. If he runs in 2012 as a frontrunner, I'm sure they will attack him though. Plus, the conservative media already attacks him so they don't have to now. Liberal media doesn't have to attack Romney because he agrees with them on issues at one time or another. I'm not sure why they attack Palin. I don't think it's because they are "afraid of her". I think she was an easy target in the beginning with a couple of bad quotes and was inexperienced for the national stage and liberals liked the attacks and mocking so they have kept it up. Plus, what was the liberal media going to do during the election, investigate anything about Obama and his past??

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

House Gives Moment of Silence to King of Pop


As everyone knows, Michael Jackson died last week. Of course it's sad when anyone dies, but did we really need the 24/7 coverage?? EVERY news station, MTV, VH1, and BET were doing nonstop coverage of Michael Jackson. Ok, he was a great singer/dancer back in the day, but did everyone all of a sudden forget about the child molestation charges? Yes, he was aquited of the charges, but it's still very creepy that he slept in the same bed with little boys.

To add to all this insanity, the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES has a MOMENT OF SILENCE for Michael Jackson!! What?!?! What did Michael Jackson do in his life to warrant a moment of silence from people who we elect to represent us? What about Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, David Carradine, and most recently, Billy Mays? Why don't they get a moment of silence? Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think any of them should have gotten a moment of silence, but if you're going to have one for one person who died, have the respect to include all the celebrities who have died recently.

Here is a great blog about the moment of silence for Michael Jackson.


"It’s a disgrace that congress chooses to overlook America’s untainted icons, instead choosing to honor a train wreck like Jackson."